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What is a Mold Inspection?

A mold inspection is the process of evaluating a property for evidence of mold growth and determining the type of mold present. This is typically done by a Professional Mold Inspector who has training and experience in detecting mold and evaluating mold growth. The inspector will typically use visual inspection, moisture measurement, and air and surface testing to determine the extent and type of mold present in a property. The results of a mold inspection identify problem areas and can be used to guide the remediation process and ensure that the mold is properly removed to protect the health and safety of those living or working in the property. Unlike Restoration/Remediation Companies we only perform Mold Inspection & Testing Services. We do not perform mold remediation or removal services.

We are a 3rd party Independent Mold & Moisture Inspection & Testing Contractor. We are not going to use Scare Tactics to sell you expensive unnecessary remediation services.

Our Mold Inspection

Homeworks Environmental is a BBB A+, 5-Star Rated Provider. We perform Comprehensive Mold Inspections & Testing Services. Our inspection begins with an exterior review of the structure documenting any suspect moisture damaged areas. An interior Mold & Moisture Inspection will be conducted using thermal imaging and other industry tools to identify and document any prior or present observable moisture damage, suspect growth, elevated humidity levels and any other conditions which may contribute to mold growth. At the conclusion of our Visual Mold & Moisture Inspection, we will provide you with a Comprehensive Detailed Visual Mold & Moisture Assessment which outlines any findings or areas of concern, and offers our recommendations to correct these issues.

If you choose to opt for laboratory sampling you will receive an additional report indicating the type of molds discovered, the quantity found, and a guide of any health related issues associated.





It’s important that you contract the services of a Professional and Certified Mold Inspector.

Homeworks Environmental’s Certified Mold Inspectors have specialized training and experience in identifying and assessing mold growth, as well as an understanding of its potential health effects. Using a Professional Mold Inspector can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the mold situation and help you make informed decisions about how to address any mold problems. Homeworks Environmental investigators are fully insured and trained Certified Mold Inspectors. We value certification, education, and professional experience.

Using specialized tools and techniques.

To perform our thorough mold inspections and identify suspect mold growth, we may use the following equipment or documentation.

  • Moisture Meter – to measure the level of moisture in building materials. Invasive and non-invasive.
  • Infrared Thermal Camera – to detect moisture and temperature differences.
  • Borescopes or Endoscopes – to inspect areas that are not visible to the naked eye.
  • Hygrometer – to measure the relative humidity levels in the air.
  • Digital camera – to document the inspection and take photos for the report.
  • Reporting – to document the inspection findings and generate reports for clients.
  • Air Quality Testing Equipment – to sample the air and test for mold spores, spores and toxic mold spores.
  • Surface Sampling Equipment – to collect samples of visible mold for laboratory analysis.
  • Protective Gear – gloves, masks, and clothing to prevent exposure to mold.
  • Flashlight – to inspect dark or hard-to-reach areas.

Our Mold Inspection, Mold Testing, and Indoor Air Quality Testing Services have been utilized by: Federal Offices, Military Institutions, HUD Housing, NC Local Government Offices, NC State Colleges, NC Town Halls, NC Police Stations, Medical & Dental Practices, NC Fire Stations, Federal Park Offices, NC Water Departments, Government Housing, Military Housing, Religious-Institutions, Large Commercial Retailers, Non-Profit Organizations, as well as Local Business and Residential Home Owners residing in Eastern NC and Southeastern VA.





Dampness could be causing
Other Seemingly unrelated Mold Issues.

Dampness can often provide a breeding ground for Microbial Violate Organic Compounds (MVOC) and myotoxins. Elevated humidity can cause chemical odors to be released from building material and furniture. Dampness can also damage buildings structure components and increase the presence of termites, ants and rodents.

Exposure to damp and moldy environments can cause a variety of health issues or none at all depending on the sufferer. Some people are very sensitive to mold spores and odors. For these unfortunate sufferers mold can cause nasal irritations, cough, sore throat, or skin irritations. People with allergies may have severe reactions. Immune compromised people and people with chronic lung illness may get severe infections in their lungs when they are exposed to mold. There are ongoing studies related to ill effects due to mold exposure.

Mold is difficult to detect when it is hidden behind walls, flooring and in attic and crawl spaces. It is of no value to locate and remove mold if what was causing it to grow in the first place is not then removed. At the end of the inspection process you will be supplied a comprehensive report indicating any issues which we have located.

If you choose to opt for laboratory sampling you will receive an additional report indicating the type of molds discovered, the quantity found, and a guide of any health related issues associated.

At Homeworks Environmental Inspections, mold inspectors are professional and highly trained. Call us today 252-473-6525 to schedule your mold inspection.